Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in engaging Kristina to speak at one of your conferences, corporate leadership event please contact us today.

The Women's Empowerment Leadership Series Topics include:

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Negotiating Your Worth
  • Designing A Career Strategy 
  • Decision Making and Strategic Positioning 
  • Helping Women Get What They Want

Organizational Training

Speacialized Leadership Coach Training

  • Coaching Foundations (Skills) for Leaders
  • Coaching for Performance Management
  • Advanced Coaching Techniques for Leaders


  • Assertiveness Training
  • Negotiating Your Worth
  • Career Elevation and Advancement for Leaders
  • Managing Challenging Relationships: From Difficult to Authentic Conversations 
  • Building Team Resiliency in Change
  • Values based Leadership: Engage for High Performance 

Previous Speaking Engagements
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Kristina, I sense there will be a lasting legacy as a result of your participation in last evening’s panel. Our member penned rave reviews on the evaluations. They truly appreciated getting an inside view from the client’s perspective. Thank you for giving your time and expertise and for responding to our many questions. 

Judi, Programming Director,  CAPS Toronto Chapter

WLA Ottawa

WLA Columbus

WNorth Conference for Global Women on the Rise
"Negotiating Your Worth"
PWN Vancouver - Negotiation Your Worth 
"Your presentation was one of the best I've ever attended. I found it very inspiring". 

"I found the piece about not always focusing on my strengths very valuable. This also challenges me to question what my weaknesses are and not to shy away from them." 

"I found it very empowering to listen to other women about how women can be powerful leaders while still earning the respect of their peers. I've decided to become a powerful woman leader, rather than coasting in my career."


Executive Coaching for Women's Fall Event Series
Women of Influence on Personal Leadership &
 Helping Women Get What They Want
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