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    Jennifer Fields
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    Paul Christian
I am a leader and lead by example.    I want to be succesful and coaching has helped me work through my fears and insecruities of being a failure. I loved bouncing ideas off the Kristina. Having a saftey net to reflect on. Getting her perspective.

Coaching has helped me to view things in my life and business differently. It has helped me choose my values and my beliefs and it has gotten me through my self-doubt and released me to be the business women that I am through and through. It has taught me to be patient and to let go so my company can grow and flourish. Everything happens in the perfect timing...I dont need to rush it or fret. This experience taught me to trust my gut instincts more. I am more confident in my decision making process. I am making decsions more methotically and listening to my gut first. Taking my time on projects instead of rushing them. Being clear on my brand, mission and vision and being able to focus on my company more clearly and reach goals more effectively.

D. Wiggers, CEO, Lumisenz. 

I wasn't grounded. I didn't deal well with stressful situations and I wasn't equipped to be a good leader for my team. Through our work together I acquired a much better understanding of my own shortcomings, how to overcome them and what a good leader is all about. ​​You always offer unbiased and professional opinions and guidance. I was very comfortable to speak without holding back and at the end of our hands-on sessions it was always clear to me where to go next and what steps to take to tackle a specific issue. 

I realize difficult circumstances more quickly and more consciously, and as a result I react better and faster. I have a lot more tools how to deal with such situations at work and in my personal life. My communication skills improved, especially in challenging situation with clients, staff, and management. I became aware of the different leadership styles and what leader I want to be.

I feel more grounded. I know my values and how to apply them in my personal and professional life. I believe I'm much better equipped for my leadership position. I see where I'm going and I am happier on the journey.  You helped me tremendously with your feedback, suggestions, and assistance to solve real issues at work.

M Stevens, Senior Manager, Financial Institution.
Thank you over and over again! I need to send this now as the excitement has been keeping me awake. Our Strategic Planning engagement on Thursday was more than I could have imagined it would be. You made everyone feel comfortable and safe in expressing their thoughts and feelings. For me, it was bigger than I could have imagined. The survey results were right on the mark for me and nothing was a glaring surprise, but having it said out loud was thought provoking, inspiring and motivating. An example of the day was that twice since then, I have found easy but safe and efficient ways to begin changing our internal client engagement process. A baby step and something I knew needed to start happening but you gave me something that made it happen effortlessly. My staff has also done quite a bit of talking about their perceptions of the day and all was positive. Thank you so much for everything. You’re amazing.
Marie May, CHRP, President, May and Company Inc.
Too often in life I’ve learned that when an individual challenges me to reflect deeply on my thoughts – I should get to know them better. I engaged with Kristina over a series of informal coaching conversations for several months while I was in a career transition. One of the profound areas of discussion and growth we explored was cultural norms and stepping into what Kristina called “level 5 leadership”. I always left our conversations knowing where I needed to look and being able to take action. Being able to have intimate dialogue about my professional experiences enabled me to re-position myself and the projects I was leading, and where, I had been experiencing some tension I was able to rectify and build even stronger and trusted relationships. I learned to be more resilient through transition – something I will take with me wherever I go. 

AM, Business Consultant, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
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    Paul Christian
Kristina, for everything you do and everything that you are – Thank You! I’ve never met anyone like you before – you are totally dynamic and I am so happy that our paths crossed. You are a huge inspiration to me. Super positive, super kind, a real live genuine person with a gigantic heart and tons of energy. Thank you for everything you have taught me. You are truly a Superwoman and I really and truly admire you. 

W. Lawrence, The Law Society of Canada

Thank you for organizing such an amazing conference in less than four weeks! Events like these take months of planning and execution and you folks managed to pull off a professionally executive conference that was content rich and extremely beneficial for all the participants – as noted in the evaluations. Thank you so much for your passion and commitment to this file. When we hear the impact of the work we are doing, we come to the realization that all the effort is not going to waste but in fact helping make a difference in the lives of those who may not have chosen to pursue post-secondary education.

Shamira Madhany, Director, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Fantastic Job!! I am sure you already know from the responses of the participants how exceptional this week’s HROntario Awards of Excellence and HROntario Symposium were, but I just wanted to send you an official thank-you for all of your outstanding efforts. When I first met you as this year’s planning team back in September, I set the bar really high for you guys – I think I said I wanted the events to rock! Well, you exceeded my expectations and delivered two events that will long be remembered by the HROntario Community. I am extremely proud of the work you all did to make these past two days a success – thank you so much for your support and dedication. Yep, I will say it this year’s HROntario Awards of Excellence and HRO Symposium ROCKED!

Leslie Slater, Director, Strategic Business Performance Branch, HROntario
Kristina, thank you for playing such a key role in helping us engage staff and plotting a path forward. I really appreciate your assistance and advice. Glad you could be a part of our Branch day.

– MAC, Communications Director, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

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