Meet The Team

I am so appreciative to have some of the most incredible individuals come into my life through this journey.  Please take a moment and get to know the team.

Lynn Nagora

 Client Service

Lynn has become a right hand to me in my practice. As my virtual assistant, she is also responsible for client care, we work together to uphold the professional integrity of the practice.

Kathryn Kemp

Marketing/Special Events Coordinator 

I have had the privileged of working with Kathryn as a Client and now, as a great friend and critical right hand support with Western Canada onsite event execution and group facilitation.  In Kathryn's hands, attendees are simply taken care of to a level of professionalism and finesse that sets a standard for exquisite client care.

Chris S.

We are in year 6 of an 8-year journey. Chris and I met shortly after beginning my Master's research. Every idea, paper, presentation, or speech has been run through her. She is my second set of eyes, as for after writing for so long, I can no longer see the words; she is my ears, to confirm the words in the English language are that those which I want to be read.


Key Contributors

It was my pleasure to help Kristina with the photography for her company. Kristina has a vision for her company, and I had the honor to capture her truly engaging personality both in her portraiture session, and during her "Negotiating Your Worth" leadership seminar.
It was a real pleasure to help Kristina with design components for her company including the logo, banners, articles and my favourate – the mosaic. We really wanted to make sure we represented women from various backgrounds, professions and at different stages of life.
Kathy Kitchen, Onsite Photography
Laura Selleck, Graphic Design
Laura has been the lead graphic designer for all Executive Coaching for Women pieces.
Thanks to Kathy some wonderful photos from the Negotiationing Your Worth workshop were captured here in Victoria.
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