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We need more women leaders, and we need more great women leaders. Become one.

Are you lacking clarity in your leadership or confidence in your business affairs? 

It’s time to stop under-valuing your worth and step into your leadership potential.

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• Become a more effective leader
• Learn your value and negotiate your worth
• Design and navigate your career strategy
• Strategically position yourself

There are many ways we can work together so you can discover what you want and achieve your dreams and goals with momentum.  I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation.
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Executive Client Testimonials
As a Chief Financial Officer, I chose to work with Kristina for her direct style, structured approach and negotiating skills.  Having worked with her over several months, what I most appreciate is her insight – she’s able to pick up on underlying issues by listening carefully to what I say and the words I use as well as watching my follow-up actions, observing where I dive in with enthusiasm and where I hesitate.   I’m a natural at spotting patterns in numbers, data and even relationships, but spotting patterns in myself is more of challenge so Kristina’s insights have really served as a mirror, helping me identify my values and show up as my true self.

While I initially engaged Kristina to work on developing a career strategy as I contemplated some key choices, I’ve continued to work with her as an executive coach.  We’ve worked to develop approaches for solving difficult problems and she helps me to see things from other angles I may not have originally considered.  This has helped me engage in senior level conversations with executive presence.  We consistently address the problems at hand and at the same time, I come away with at least 2-3 new insights on my executive development journey.  

Kristina brings a breadth of knowledge that positions her to approach coaching from a holistic perspective, addressing issues from the technical to the introspective.  Her coaching has helped me move to the next level.

​L. Cook 
Executive Coaching for Politics

As the sole female candidate Mayor of Gatineau in 2017, Quebec’s 4th largest city; Kristina has not only been my coach but a trusted advisor. I engaged with Kristina as I made the decision to commit to becoming the first female mayor for the city since the amalgamations; while still in my second term as a Gatineau Councilor.
I believe the biggest outcome working with Kristina was in the autumn of 2014 after we completed the inner work necessary to create a framework to best position myself strategically as a leader in my existing role as Councilor. I then used this knowledge to win the elected position of 3rd Vice-President for the Canadian Federation of Municipalities the following summer. Reaching this objective allowed me to enhance and strengthen my leadership vision and ultimately set a course of action for the 2017 mayoral campaign.
Kristina’s ability and willingness to understand hurdles unique to all of us as individuals allows for a dynamic exchange with quantifiable results. Together we share my vocational aspirations to inspire women to strive for executive leadership roles in the broader political, private public service arenas. In realizing my goals I have also been able to mentor and support other women (and men) in their pursuit of public office.
Kristina’s customized executive development program was uniquely tailored to me, my development, interests, accountability and future goals. I can attest to Kristina’s effectiveness and her ability to care about my desired outcomes. With her support I have gained clarity of my vision and the role I can play in my own success and that of others.
Sylvie Goneau
Councilor, district Bellevue, Gatineau, Quebec (www.gatineau.ca)
2nd Vice-President, Canadian Federation of Municipalities (www.fcm.ca)
Founder & Board Member, Regroupement des élus municipaux indépendants pour la démocratie (www.remipourdemocratie.ca)

Service Offerings

360 Leadership Profile Assessment

The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment measures your leadership competencies helps you understand the inner assumptions that drive behavior. The aim is to create awareness and cultivate insight that will enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Two Domains of Leadership

Creative competencies are well-researched competencies that measure how leaders achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity, and encourage and improve organizational systems.

Reactive tendencies are leadership styles that emphasize caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment. These self-limiting styles overemphasize the focus on gaining the approval of others, protecting oneself, and getting results through high control tactics.


Leadership Development & Executive Coaching


An Integrated Approach to Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is focused individual and leadership development for adults. Clients can select individual 6, and 12-month executive coaching engagements. Rest periods can be incorporated. 

Executive Development for Senior Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Be regarded among your staff and colleagues. Develop and increase your executive leadership suite of skills to demonstrate strategic foresight, vision, business planning, prioritization of goals, and effective decision-making. 

Team Coaching
Group coaching facilities the growth of dynamic and effective teams.  Group coaching services are available for leadership teams.

Career  Management for

Career Advancement

Career Strategy & Transition
Career management advising engagements and programs include: resume development, designing a career strategy,  advancement plan, search strategy, assessing market worth, strategic positioning, and behaviour interview preparation.

Mastering Negotiation
Salary, benefits and equity compensation.

Successful Onboarding & Transition
Integrating successful in the first 90 days.

Exist Strategy & Resignation Process
Managing expectations and guiding you through the resignation process to keep relationships in tact.

Talent Management for

Succession Planning

Career Management
Career management advising including Career Strategy for talent management of high potentials, and  management, (New Senior Managers, Director to Executive Transition, and C-Suite) 

Succession Planning
Prepare yourself, leaders and organization for transition, transformational growth needs. Build your talent pipeline for the long term.

Remote Leadership
Develop and support your remote leaders through unique challenges,  so they can lead others more effectively.

Strategy Planning


Strategy Planning
Lead with a clear vision and strategy. By creating a clear vision for your organization’s future, you can develop the strategies and roadmap to achieve that vision.

Facilitation & Effective Meeting Management
Helping your leadership team make the most of your time.
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