Interview Intensives
Interview intensives are designed to help you move forward to the next interview round.
Aspiring Young Woman Leaps Forward!
When I look back to just a couple months ago, I was in an awkward, uncomfortable, and unhappy position. I felt that something was missing in my life even though I always thought that I was going to love being in a small public practice firm and could work my way up to the top. I was afraid of making a change and was afraid of failing. I had already had some bad experiences with interviewing and did not feel that was going to change anytime soon so the idea of looking for a new job was scary to me. I have to be honest. Not only did I not think I would find a job in this time frame, but I really did not think I would find this level of job.

I now find myself much more confident about making decisions, following proper steps, and standing up for what is right for me. I also now understand what values are important to me, specifically in the workplace. I've learned to be more confident, more direct, and am surer of myself. Not to mention my interviewing skills went from about a 5 to a 9 out of 10 within weeks!

When I was applying and interviewing on my own, I had this lack of confidence dragging along with me, which was really affecting my goals and accomplishments. Coaching really changed that for me. I was definitely getting interviews on my own which was great. But being able to interview successfully was a huge step I was missing. Coaching really helped me accomplish this. This was a level I never thought would even be possible and Kristina really made this happen for me! 

The change that I now see in myself is mainly the way I deal with issues or decisions. I am much more honest with myself and have found that I have been much more honest with my (now previous) employer.   I have always had a tendency to be very safe and to take a linear route through life. I can now say I have taken risks and these risks have definitely come with great rewards."

A. Dawes 
"I have to be honest. Not only did I not think I would find a job in this time frame, but I really did not think I would find this level of job. 

My interviewing skills went from about a 5 to a 9 out of 10 within weeks!"

Executive Interview Coaching
As a Executive Director in the British Columbia Public Service, I am pleased to provide a client reference for Kristina Sammut, founder of Executive Coaching for Women.
The work that Kristina and I focused upon was two-fold: firstly to articulate my last 25 years of leadership and public service in a persuasive way and secondly to further transform my dynamic leadership approach into a values-based leadership model. These dyadic dialogues enabled me to become more self-aware and to have greater confidence in managing senior leadership expectations, circumstances and needs.  I was deemed by the Panel to be “Executive ready”.
I look back at the work we have done together thus far and can state that my readiness as an Executive leader has reached a higher level of effectiveness and performance in large part due to Kristina’s expertise, input and vision as my Executive Coach.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kristina as an extremely high caliber executive leadership coach in assisting both current and future senior government leaders within the British Columbia Public Service.

T. Jackson
Half-Day Professional  
Strategy Call
Full-Day Executive Intensive
The Strategy Call has one purpose: to solve an immediate, time-bound problem. Professional or senior leader - if you are feeling insecure, anxious, frustrated, stuck or shutting down and need to align yourself and action to:

  • Strategically position yourself for a meeting 
  • Career opportunity 
  • Unexpected interview 
  • Performance conversation/review

or ​

  • Engage in difficult or courageous conversations
  • Resolve a workplace conflict
  • Manage expectations (managing up
  • Terminate employment

The Half-Day Professional Intensive includes a Strategy Session to help prepare mid to senior level professionals for behaviour interviews.  We work together for 2.5 hours plus a recap review (30 min). ​The outcome is to do your best and get selected for a second interview.

We will:
  • Engage you in pre-work to get ahead
  • Hone in and identify your values
  • Assess your most prominent leadership competencies 
  • Choose stories that demonstrate the criteria for the role
  • Prepare an approach for the interview

Please inquire about full-day intensives.

The Full-Day Executive Intensive is for senior and C-suite leaders  who need to position 15-25 years+ of their experience for an upcoming senior leadership role. 

The day includes:
  • Pre-work assessments to prevent     overwhelm  
  • A 'deep dive' into your values, experience, leadership style, assertiveness levels
  • Choosing, crafting and writing stories and speaking points
  • Drafting presentations decks
  • Preparing an approach for the interview
  • Trial interview testing
  • Negotiation
 "​First, good news! The interview went really well. It was conversational at the end. I've made it through to the second round.  
I meditated for fifteen minutes before the call which did wonders.  ​I have felt throughout this process that you've been cheering for me.   In our second conversation you made insightful comments which surprised me given our limited interactions.  You provided great support because of your ability to quickly and accurately read me. Please know I appreciate it!"

- A King, Economist
"I'd made it through the interview"
Kristina showed me how to clarify my values and my skills. I appreciated hearing that my examples had to illustrate my work experience, skills, and values. Before that I was kind of at a loss as to which stories were good ones. I also appreciated hearing that my stories were good enough, but that I needed to elevate my language when speaking about them. The best moment was when you said "you have to make them say 'we HAVE to hire this person'". This made it very clear that I had to shine, not just pass the interview. You gave me a lot of confidence throughout this process, and I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future if I feel I need your help again.

- M. MacKenzie, Ph.d
Kristina great news! I got the job!!! It feels like a great fit. Thanks for your guidence and help. Also, I didn't tell you about the other interview. It went awesome! They were impressed! I laughed all the way home out of happiness and pride. Thank you for your support!

- S.Kamiz, MBA
If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, not moving forward in your interviews, or re-living the same experiences at work, and want to move forward, I invite you to contact me or book a complimentary coaching consultation. 

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