Your career advancement is possible.​​​​​​​

Career Advancement Program Series
May 16
Prepare to give yourself the promotion you deserve.

You know you have what it takes, but when it comes to showing up for that moment, you miss the cue, and the opportunity. You haven't been called for that promotion, despite your performance.

You lead others and understand the importance of team work and engaging your staff and superiors, yet this vital leadership quality ceases to make you stand out for a senior leadership position.

You're experienced and have delivered results, yet your missing that special something that makes you stand out from others in the interview process. ​​
You've interviewed and you're exhausted at the idea of preparation and failed experiences.

Time has passed, perhaps too much time and you feel that everyone else is moving up and onward and you are second guessing yourself and how this happened.

It's time to stop under-valuing your worth and step into your leadership potential - for good. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Kick-start your career advancement by watching this video below. Kristina's key message is to shift where you're starting from and take your next steps forward from the values most important to you.


"I am having huge insecurity that now I really can't make mistakes if I am going to become a director and that I will be scrutinized by everyone. Keep breathing, don't let the tough hills stop you, gear down and take time to focus on the goal and I will get there faster than jumping off. Stay on board, focus on the goal, watch for signs and make adjustments as needed."


"I feel like defining why my values are my values helped me gain a lot of clarity of how I want to lead.
My confidence is back up!" 

The Career Advancement Program Series (8-Weeks) has one purpose: to corral incredible women and men who want to advance and believe they deserve to in the next 6 months.

Join from the comforts of your home (webinar format) each Tuesday for 8 weeks and receive the executive leadership coaching and career advisory you need to move your career forward. You will:

• Find your Power and Purpose in Personal Leadership & Career Craftsmanship

Negotiate your Worth to stop under-valuing yourself

• Design a Career Strategy to identify, align career avenues and activate your search in the labour market

• The Power of Successful Interviews and learn to lead with your authentic presence

• The Art of Negotiation to identify your desired salary and determine your market worth

Successful Opportunities and Onboarding to prepare for the final stages of your offer, opportunity and acceptance ... And, the Best tips to close on

Each attendee will also receive a 30-minute follow-up strategy session with Kristina to move forward immediately. Attendees will have access to the webinar recordings and materials for 1-year and can include additional one-one sessions if needed.

​The Career Advancement Program Series will occur each
Thursday evening from 6-8 PM MT (5-7 PT / 8-10 PM ET) on the following dates:

​Program Dates:

May 16
May 23
May 30
June 6
June 13
June 20
June 27
July 4

Practicum Dates:
July 11 
July 18
July 25 
Aug 1

"Hi Kristina, such a great session yesterday, you packed in a lot of great things and thank you for being a fantastic moderator/coach of the webinar! That's all, just wanted to send a line and thank you for your hard work, I can only imagine how much work goes into it." 


"I'm petrified for my next coaching session. What is it going to bring out....?"


"I love the log. I feel like that makes the coaching real time and allows for constant feed back. I've noticed lots of shifts. My staff appreciated my effort to be more transparent. I've noticed more awareness of the difference between managing versus leading. I was invited to the Directors' table."

​​We can help you move forward.​​

• Become a more effective leader
• Learn your value and negotiate your worth
• Design and navigate your career strategy
• Strategically position yourself for advacement

There are many ways we can work together so you can discover what you want and achieve your dreams and goals with momentum.  I invite you to schedule a complimentary connection call.

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